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Michael Couture, CPP
Creative Consultant
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I'm passionate about the creative process!  I started in music production and moved to video editing where most of my work is still done.  I restore archival and contemporary photographs and create 3D motion renderings of photographs.

 I'm a photographer and watercolor artist as well.

Career History

Michael Couture, along with William Schubart, started Earth Audio Techniques, Inc. and Philo

Records, Inc. in 1973, the first multi-track recording studio and record company in Vermont. He was the senior recording engineer/producer, mastering over 200 record projects.

In 1982, Michael was one of the founding partners in Resolution, Inc., a media production, duplication,

and fulfillment company serving cable networks such as A&E, Discovery, and Turner, National

Geographic, Annenberg Media, private industry, and PBS.

As VP of Creative he was responsible for the management of Post-production, DVD Authoring

and Compression, Master Control room duplication, mastering, transcoding, and graphic design.


In 2007, Michael started Michael Couture Media where he combined his over 30 years of

experience as a freelance music and video producer, Avid, Final Cut & Premiere Pro picture and sound editorial, DVD author and compressionist, motion graphic artist, color correction artist, photographer, and adjunct faculty member at Champlain College in Burlington, VT.


In 2011, Michael signed on as a digital media specialist with Subatomic Digital, Inc. preparing films, and TV programming along with metadata for online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Xbox, Vudu, Hulu, and others.


Returning to his freelance consultancy in 2017, Michael continues to work on his photography, editing historical documentaries, archival photo restoration, 3-D photo motion control, along with audio design and editorial and when there's time, watercolor painting. 

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